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Learn about how REVIVA cares for your wedding clothes

“One of the MAJOR KEEPSAKES you’ll get to hang onto after the wedding is your WEDDING CLOTHES.”

“LET’S MAKE IT LAST.” One of the major keepsakes you’ll get to hang onto after the wedding is your wedding clothes. You can revisit these garments time and time again, or you can even hand them down to your son or daughter when the time comes. But in order to make sure your delicate threads stand the test of time, meticulous maintenance is a non-negotiable. With REVIVA’S HYDROCLEAN TECHNOLOGY™, your bridal outfits can stay gorgeous the safe way.

It’s common knowledge that the usual laundry cycle using regular detergent can be too harsh for gowns and suits, often causing them to wear out prematurely. Brittle fabrics and faded colors are indeed a sad sight to behold! On the other hand, most dry-cleaning shops employ the use of perchloryethylene (a.k.a. perc) in their dry-cleaning fluid in addition to petroleum. These may work on oil-based stains, but they are also considered hazardous to the health. Perc, in particular, is classified as a potential carcinogen. Going in the opposite direction, the cleansers formulated with Hydroclean Technology™ are much gentler on clothes, on humans, and on the environment. They are biodegradable, nontoxic, and phosphate-free.

In addition to their specifically formulated cleansing agents, Reviva has a stringent five-step process for each and every garment that comes their way:
1. A nine-point checklist is used to identify the corresponding cleansers and machine settings to go along with specific fabrics. This bespoke treatment gives each piece of clothing the TLC they deserve. Measurements may be taken to prevent shrinking or stretching.
2. Stains are pre-treated to loosen their hold, making it easier for the machines to work their magic.
3. The clothes are washed and dried with the type of cleanser and fabric in mind. Heat or air-drying is employed.
4. Additional care is given in the form of ironing, steaming, and/or folding.
5. The garments undergo a final inspection to ensure that they are in tiptop condition prior to their release.

Aaah, the post-wedding frenzy. Some couples just have to hit the ground running after the I Do’s. For those with busy schedules, Reviva goes the extra mile for their clients with the added convenience of arranging the pick-up process online via the Reviva website ( No excuses not to treat your luxurious gowns and suits with the reverence they deserve!